Completed access to information requests, 2012

Request number Summary of the request Disposition Number of pages released

All information including: radar and depictions; weather information; air traffic control transmission on all frequency, in the form of full transcript; flight plans; reports, notes, memo, emails, photographs, video, film, recording, and depictions relating to coordination, management and communication among and between Transport Canada; reports notes, memo, correspondence, recordings into the probable cause of the occurrence; photographs taken in connection with TC's investigation; documents or information gathered, considered or relied upon during the investigation.

TSB File A10A0085: 05 August 2010 – Collision with Water, Cessna 414A, C-GENG, Sydney, Nova Scotia, 13 nm ENE

Disclosed in part 873

Complete copy of the investigative file, including color photographs, lab reports, investigator's field notes, final report and copy of engineering report LP197/2010.

TSB File A10P0388: 15 December 2010 – Engine Failure – Hard Landing, VIH Helicopters Ltd., Bell 407 (Helicopter),C-GNVI,Blue River, British Columbia, 8 nm SE

Disclosed in part 1 566

Complete TSB investigation file.

TSB File A08P0171: 26 May 2008 – Power loss - Messerschmitt BO105 Helicopter, C-GCHY, Sandspit Airport CYZP, British Columbia

Disclosed in part 86

Any information, reports, investigations, and files which you have maintained under s.22 of the Transportation Safety Board Regulations.

TSB File A11P0139: 16 September 2011 – Collision with Terrain Aerospatiale AS350B1 Helicopter, C-GJUP, Hope, British Columbia

Disclosed in part 215

Complete copy of the investigation file regarding aviation investigation which involved a Robinson R22 Beta helicopter, C-GVAR, serial number 2110.

TSB File A01O0099: 04 April 2001 – Loss of Control—Collision with Terrain, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Robinson R22 Beta (Helicopter), C-GVAR, Toronto / Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario, 10 nm NW

Disclosed in part 232

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