Disclosure of contracts 2013-2014

Reporting Periods

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2013-2014 - April 1 - June 30, 2013
Date Vendor Name Description Value
2013-06-25 Cooking Lake Aviation Academy  0447-Tuition Fees and Costs of Attending Courses Including Seminars not Elsewhere Specified $17,613.75
2013-06-12 VMWare Inc. 0584-License/Maintenance fees for Server Operating System and Utility Software $12,442.54
2013-05-14 Hunt Management Synergy Group Inc. 0813-Temporary Help Services $21,626.80
2013-04-17 Chrysler Canada Inc. 1261-Road Motor Vehicles $23,878.26
2013-04-18 APS - Antian Professional Services Inc. 0813-Temporary Help Services $87,955.87

* The reported amounts include taxes

Note: In accordance with the updates to the object codes in the 2013-2014 Chart of Accounts, certain descriptions of work in this report were amended on 11 January 2013 to reflect the revised object codes.