Disclosure of internal audits 2006-2007

TSB Management Response and Action Plan Internal Audit of the Availability of Bilingual Work Tools October 2007

TSB management accepts the findings of this audit and generally agrees with the recommendations made by auditors. The detailed management responses and actions planned are described in the following tables.

Recommendation 1 Develop criteria to help managers effectively identify work instruments and electronic systems that fall under the definition of "regularly and widely used work instruments" and review current listing for completeness and accuracy.
Management Response Management agrees with the recommendation.
Actions Planned 1.1 - The TSB will endeavour to define the terms "regularly and widely used work instruments and electronic systems" in consultation with program managers.
OPI Manager Human Resources
Timeline March 31, 2008

Recommendation 2 Based on the agreed criteria, consider making available in both official languages existing unilingual English work instruments and electronic systems that are widely used (for example RODS, PODS, MARSIS) if such instruments are to be maintained in the medium or long term.
Management Response Management agrees with the recommendation.
Actions Planned 2.1 - The manuals identified as unilingual will be translated and made available to employees.

2.2 - The TSB is considering replacing these electronic systems. It may therefore not be a good investment to translate them. The TSB will conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine if it is worthwhile translating these systems. Further actions will be based upon the results of the cost-benefit analysis.
OPI 2.1 - Director Rail / Pipeline Investigations

2.2 - Director General Corporate Services
Timeline 2.1 - March 31, 2008

2.2 - March 31, 2008

Recommendation 3 Provide awareness sessions to employees to inform them of their rights and obligations with regards to language of work.
Management Response Management agrees in part with the recommendation. We agree that employees should be reminded of their rights and obligations. However, we believe that awareness sessions are not the best approach at this time.
Actions Planned 3.1 - Periodic reminder e-mail messages will be sent out to all employees.

3.2 - Official languages rights and obligations will be included in the employee orientation program currently being developed.
OPI Manager Human Resources
Timeline On-going

Recommendation 4 Inform employees of those applications that are available in bilingual format (for example: GX, Foremost, ATIP Image and ATIP Flow) and how they can be accessed.
Management Response Management agrees with the recommendation.
Actions Planned 4.1 - We will modify our introductory e-mail to new users to highlight the availability of most systems in both official languages.

4.2 - Once action 1.1 above is completed, a listing of all regularly and widely used electronic systems will be compiled and made available to all employees.
OPI 4.1 - Manager Informatics

4.2 - Manager Human Resources
Timeline 4.1 - October 30, 2007

4.2 - April 30, 2008