Ongoing aviation investigations

All the ongoing aviation investigations are listed below. Additional information about some of these investigations is available: click on the number of the investigation to read the details.

Investigation number Occurrence date Occurrence description Occurrence Location
A18O0002 2018-01-05 Ground collision on apron Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport [CYYZ], Toronto, Ontario
A17O0264 2017-12-14 Collision with terrain Near Tweed, Ontario
A17C0146 2017-12-13 Collision with terrain Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan
A17O0243 2017-11-09 Hard landing Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Ontario
A17C0132 2017-11-02 Runway excursion Thompson, Manitoba
A17W0172 2017-10-26 Collision with terrain Calgary Springbank airport (CYBW), Calgary, Alberta
A17Q0162 2017-10-17 Collision with unmanned aerial vehicle Jean Lesage International Airport [CYQB], Quebec City, Quebec
A17P0149 2017-10-01 Loss of control and collision with terrain Campbell River Airport, British Columbia
A17Q0059 2017-05-15 Collision with runway lights on landing Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport [CYHU], Quebec
A17O0038 2017 Safety issues investigation (SII): Runway incursions between the parallel runways on the south complex of Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport Lester B. Pearson International Airport [CYYZ], Toronto, Ontario
A17Q0050 2017-04-30 Collision with terrain Schefferville, Quebec
A17Q0030 2017-03-17 Mid-air collision Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec
A17F0052 2017-03-07 Missed approach Princess Juliana Airport [TNCM], in Saint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
A17O0025 2017-02-25 Runway excursion Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport [CYYZ], Toronto, Ontario
A17W0024 2017-02-13 Collision with terrain 32 nautical miles North West of Calgary/Springbank Airport
A17P0007 2017-01-19 Collision with power lines Duncan Airport, British Columbia
A16W0170 2016-12-02 Runway incursion Calgary International Airport [CYYC]
A16O0149 2016-10-14 Risk of collision Sudbury, Ontario [CYSB]
A16P0186 2016-10-13 Collision with terrain Kelowna, British Columbia
A16P0180 2016-10-10 Collision with terrain Laidman Lake, British Columbia
A16P0161 2016-09-02 Collision with terrain Williams Lake, British Columbia
A16W0092 2016-07-12 Nose landing gear failure to extend Calgary International Airport
A16P0078 2016-05-24 Collision with water Kitkatla, British Columbia
A16P0045 2016-03-16 Collision with terrain 82 nautical miles NW of Smithers, British Columbia
A15H0001 2015 Safety issues investigation (SII): Risks associated with air taxi operations Canada