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Navigate safely: Keep water out of service tanks
15 December 2017
Posted by Mélissa St-Jean

Recent TSB investigations have highlighted a safety issue with respect to engine room practices aboard ships […]

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World Maritime Day 2017 – "Connecting Ships, Ports and People"
22 September 2017
Posted by Marc-André Poisson

The United Nations state that maritime transport is the backbone of globalization and lies at the heart of cross-border transport networks that support supply chains and enable international trade […]

On the run (and swim and bike) with TSB's Juan Navarro
30 August 2017
Posted by Geneviève Corbin

Juan Navarro is a guy on the run, literally. And working at the TSB started him on the habit […]

Adventures in accident investigation: Innovation for answers
14 July 2017
Posted by Barry Holt

Getting to the why and how of an accident can be an adventure. Digging deeper to discover how to make a complex aircraft system safer is where the game can get really challenging […]

It was a dark and stormy night…
08 June 2017
Posted by Doug McEwen

Air Canada aircraft with 133 passengers on board had a hard landing and was off the side of the runway at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport […]

Client services at the TSB – A support role that makes all the difference
30 March 2017
Posted by Joshua Alcorn

My adventure with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada began in April 2009 […]

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