TSB Quarterly Review — Fourth quarter 2013-14

ISSN 2369-7954

April 2014

Chair's message

The coming of spring always ushers in new, invigorating ideas. It reminds us that while some chapters close, others open. Over the last few months, we concluded our investigation into the First Air accident in Resolute Bay and continued working on many more investigations – using world class technology. But there’s still more to be done. With the closing of one of the coldest winters in recent years, this spring will present new opportunities to focus our renewed energy. And we will continue to push for new ways of making Canada’s transportation system safer. We look forward to the new challenges ahead.

Wendy A. Tadros

Completed investigations


Blog posts: The TSB Recorder

A11H0002 (Resolute Bay)

On March 25, 2014, we released our investigation report into the August 2011 fatal accident involving First Air flight 6560 in Resolute Bay, NU. Watch animation.

Investigations started

  • Plaster Rock, NB (Rail)
  • Alma, QC (Air)
  • Steveston, BC (Marine)
  • Otterburne, MB (Pipeline)
  • Fraser River, BC (Marine)
  • Portage-La-Prairie, MB (Rail)
  • St Henri, QC (Rail)
  • Rose Blanche, NL (Marine)

The list was complete at the time of publication.