Transportation Safety Board awards

2017 award recipients

Chair's Award

This award was given to Joel Morley, Senior Human Factors Investigator, for his exceptional work in regards to the 2016 TSB Transportation Safety Summit.

The first-ever multi-modal TSB Transportation Safety Summit was a new initiative that we launched as part of the planning for our 25th anniversary. Joel truly demonstrated his dedication to the TSB, and his passion for safety, by spending months contributing to the planning and organization of the Summit. The project was a huge undertaking, culminating with a 2-day meeting in Ottawa. Joel's involvement in the project included participation in the planning of the program, selecting and inviting speakers and participants, developing the details for the breakout sessions, organizing TSB staff to act as group facilitators, and writing up the results of the Summit for publication.

Leaders from all the transportation modes shared their safety best practices and lessons learned. It is hoped that these contributions will lead to the cross-pollination of ideas across the modes, improvement in safety culture and safety management.

Joel Morley (left) receiving his award from Chair Kathy Fox

Key Contributor in Investigations Award

This award was presented to Marc Perrault, Air Branch Regional Senior Investigator, Quebec region.

Marc has worked at the TSB as an investigator since its inception in 1990. According to our databases, Marc has conducted a total of 1,018 investigations at the TSB across all classes. He has investigated 19 Class 3 incidents, acting as Investigator-in-Charge on 13 of them.

His great sense of collaboration ensures that investigations are conducted professionally, thoroughly and very methodically. Several investigations stand out by their quality and depth, including the investigation involving an Air Transat airplane in Quebec City in 2008 (A08Q0051), Canadian Helicopters Limited in 2009 (A09Q0111), Sky Regional Airlines in Montréal in 2011 (A11Q0170), a Piper in Victoriaville in 2012 (A12Q0182), as well as the investigation involving an Air Canada airplane in Montréal in 2014 (A14Q0155).

His collaboration has extended beyond investigations. He has also collaborated with his manager by sharing his ideas and suggestions for improving internal processes and has shown an excellent ability to adapt to all the changes in the TSB over the years. His frank and honest communication has only led to constructive interactions with his work colleagues and with the various key stakeholders.

Marc Perrault (left) receiving his award from Rox-Anne D’Aoust, Director of Communications

Distinguished Employee or Team Award

This award was given to Marc Sirois, Senior Application Architect, for his exceptional work on the TSB Time Reporting System.

Marc had the very difficult task of designing a complex, but easy to use, time reporting application which would be used by everyone in the organization. Marc has done outstanding work on gathering requirements, designing, testing, rolling out and implementing the system across the organization. Marc also provided excellent support and timely responses to users' questions as the new tool was tested and implemented.

Marc Sirois (left) receiving his award from COO Jean L. Laporte

Living Our Values Award

This award was given to Manon Lalande, Communications Branch Administration Officer. Manon Lalande has been working at the TSB for 7 years and is the definition of a respectful person. She is always courteous and considerate, rain or shine. She treats everyone with the same amount of respect regardless of their title or status.

Manon is a limitless source of information, and always offers relevant advice pertaining to her administrative support expertise. She always looks out for the best interests of the organization when she is performing her administrative duties, and does her due diligence in every aspect of her work.

Manon is always looking for ways to learn and to improve her work processes. She has shown her commitment to continuous self-improvement by taking courses to improve her skills and knowledge.

Manon Lalande (left) receiving her award from Chair Kathy Fox

Rising Star Award

This award was presented to two employees for their exceptional work over the past year.

The first recipient of the Rising Star Award is Jennifer Philopoulos, Engineering Specialist/Senior Pipeline Investigator, Dartmouth Regional Office. Since Jennifer joined the TSB, she has made considerable efforts to reach out to others to better understand the organization, and how she can support our mandate. She has deployed to accident investigations in all four modes, presented at the TSB Rail / Pipeline Branch workshop, and represented the TSB at several meetings with external stakeholders. She is thoughtful, competent, respectful and professional in all her dealings with others. She is open to learning and receiving feedback.

Jennifer has played a key role on two particular investigations last year. In one of them, her expertise with corrosion and failure mechanics made her the eyes and ears for her colleagues at the TSB engineering lab. On another investigation, she competently handled the duties of the investigator in charge to fill a temporary vacancy. Her contribution to the analysis of video images and estimated emergency brake stopping distance were key to this Rail investigation.

In addition to her regular duties, Jennifer has contributed to several working groups and has worked tirelessly on the revisions and updates of TSB databases.

Jennifer Philopoulos (left) receiving her award from Kirby Jang, Director of Investigations - Rail

The second recipient of this award is Sarah Harris, Senior Human Factors Investigator.

Since joining the TSB in 2014, Sarah has excelled at conducting investigations, preparing and facilitating training sessions. Her contributions to investigation reports have been outstanding. Human Factors issues at the core of the Air Georgian Investigation (A16W0092) and her work on the Leviathan II (M15P0347) are strong examples of that.

Sarah demonstrates particularly high standards when investigating, and often identifies safety issues in investigations that would otherwise go unchallenged. She is respectful and courteous to colleagues, to management, and to those parties she encounters during an investigation. She is open and communicative with her work, preparing complete and complex human factors reports. She actively promotes safety by, for example, identifying and providing feedback on internal TSB OHS issues. She demonstrates integrity in her work, both in terms of investigations and of her very effective training methods and materials. Sarah has demonstrated innovation in her work, coming up with new ways and methods to conduct investigations.

Sarah Harris (left) receiving her award from Leo Donati, Director of Operational Services