Aviation Investigation Report A98H0003

1.7.2  Forecast Weather

The aviation area forecast weather for the region including Peggy's Cove was as follows: 2 000 to 3 000 feet scattered, occasional broken cloud with the tops at 8 000 feet; 10 000 feet broken occasional overcast with the tops at 16 000 feet, high broken cloud, visibility greater than 6 statute miles (sm). (STI1-46)

The terminal aerodrome forecast (TAF) for Halifax Shearwater Airport, located between the Halifax International Airport and the crash site near Peggy's Cove, was as follows: surface wind 070 degrees True at 10 gusting to 20 knots; visibility greater than 6 sm; a few clouds at 500 feet agl; scattered clouds at 2 000 feet agl, broken clouds at 24 000 feet agl; temporarily from 2300 to 0200, 5 sm in light rain showers and mist; scattered clouds at 500 feet agl, broken clouds at 2 000 feet agl, and overcast at 10 000 feet agl.

The TAF for Halifax International Airport was as follows: surface wind 090 degrees True at 10 knots; visibility greater than 6 sm; scattered cloud layers at 3 000 feet agl, broken cloud at 8 000 feet agl, and broken cloud at 25 000 feet agl.

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