Aviation Investigation Report A98H0003

1.9.2  Controller Training

Nav Canada provides annual refresher training for controllers on relevant topics using basic lesson plans based on information in the Air Traffic Control Manual of Operations (ATC MANOPS) and other sources. The ATC MANOPS information on emergency procedures emphasizes air traffic separation responsibilities and administrative duties of controllers. In their aircraft emergencies training, controllers are expected to use their best judgment in handling situations not specifically covered, because it is impossible to detail procedures for all emergency situations. Information provided reminds controllers that "when an emergency occurs, time is of the essence, so all questions must be clear and concise. In order to respond effectively, the controller must rely on the information that the pilot provides." Throughout the occurrence, the controller took his lead from the pilot, believing that the pilot was the one who could best determine the nature of the situation in the aircraft, the nature of his requirements, and what he wanted the controller to do. Prior to this occurrence, controllers were provided basic training on how to respond to aircraft emergencies, but did not receive basic or continuation training on the flight and general operating requirements of aircraft in abnormal or emergency situations. In particular, controllers did not receive training on aircraft general operating procedures for fuel dumping and on basic indications they could expect from the aircraft.

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