Aviation Investigation Report A98H0003

1.14.8  Describing the SR 111 Fire-Damaged Area

To document and assess the heat and soot patterns created by the in-flight fire, it was necessary to identify and inspect thousands of individual pieces of wreckage and to place many of them into a reconstruction mock-up (see Figure 19). The reconstruction mock-up was designed to conform to the dimensions of the forward section of an MD-11, and comprised the area above the floor line between fuselage STA 275 and STA 595 (approximately 8.23 m (27 feet) in length).

The fire in the occurrence aircraft occurred in an area where the longitudinal (Y) axis, and vertical (Z) axis numbering is positive. The lateral (X) axis numbering is either positive (left side) or negative (right side). For simplicity in this report, the Y-axis positions will be referred to by their STA numbers. (See Section for a description of the aircraft coordinate system.)

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