Aviation Investigation Report A98H0003

3.0  Conclusions

This part of the report lists the findings of the investigation, which are organized into the following three categories:

Findings as to causes and contributing factors
These findings pertain to the unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, and safety deficiencies that are associated with events that played a major role in causing or contributing to the occurrence.

Findings as to risk
These findings identify risks that have the potential to degrade aviation safety but that could not be shown to have played a direct role in the occurrence or are unrelated to this occurrence but were found during the investigation.

Other findings
These findings identify elements that have the potential to enhance aviation safety, resolve an issue of controversy, or clarify an issue of unresolved ambiguity.

  1. 3.1 - Findings as to Causes and Contributing Factors
  2. 3.2 - Findings as to Risk
  3. 3.3 - Other Findings


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