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Figure 1. Accident location (source: Railway Association of Canada, Canadian Railway Atlas)

A Canadian Railway Atlas map of the area between Montréal and Hervey, Québec, shows the location of the accident, just northeast of Joliette, along a blue line that indicates the track travelled by the train.

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Figure 2. Rang de la Deuxième-Chaloupe crossing

A Google Earth satellite image shows the Rang de la Deuxième Chaloupe crossing. A dotted yellow arrow indicates the direction travelled by the train, and a dotted white arrow shows the direction travelled by the accident vehicle. The locations of two sets of flashing lights, on diagonally opposite sides of the crossing, are also indicated.

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Photo 1. 3-flute horn on locomotive VIA 6404

A photograph shows the forward-facing 3-flute horn on VIA locomotive 6404. The horn is mounted directly behind the exhaust outlet, which is indicated by an arrow.

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