Transportation Safety Board Regulations

New TSB Regulations

The TSB has put in place new Transportation Safety Board Regulations that replace the previous version.

Part II took effect on 12 March 2014. Part I came into effect on 1 July 2014.

Compliance is mandatory.

Why were new regulations needed?

The transportation industry and related legislation have evolved considerably. The changes brought the Regulations up-to-date and clarify provisions that had been previously misinterpreted.

How do the new regulations affect you?

The new regulations introduce several changes:

  • Anyone being interviewed by an investigator may be accompanied by a representative of their choice.
  • Investigation interviews must be recorded and conducted in private.
  • Definitions were updated, and new ones were added.
  • More information is required when reporting a transportation occurrence.
  • Companies may sign an agreement that provides more flexibility in how and when occurrences are reported.

More information

The factsheets below provide detailed information specific to each sector:

  • Marine factsheet
    HTML    PDF [141 Kb]
  • Pipeline factsheet
    HTML    PDF [145 Kb]
  • Rail factsheet
    HTML    PDF [131 Kb]
  • Aviation factsheet
    HTML    PDF [139 Kb]

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