TSB Transportation Safety Summit

Safety Culture, the “Just Culture”

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Larry Lachance
Vice President, Safety and Quality, NAV CANADA
Ottawa, Ontario, 21 April, 2016

Check against delivery.

Slide 2: What is Just Culture?

An approach to removing barriers to self-reporting occurrences or fully reporting the circumstances of the occurrence

Ultimate goal is reduction in safety risks

Slide 3: The fundamentals

Top Leaders are the believers

Nobody wakes up in the morning to look stupid

You won't succeed by imposing

Slide 4: The “Ha-Ha” moments story

Managers felt they were loosing their “authority” to properly manage

The Unions were demanding total “immunity”

The employees felt they were always “targeted”

Unacceptable Behaviour vs Blameless Unsafe Act

Slide 5: The “scary” part

Sudden significant increase in events

Outside perception in a sensitive Safety environment

Inside perception of Executives and Board members

We just didn't know the scope of the problem…

Slide 6: Occasion

Mobilization of the Organization

Building the corrective action plan

The buy in by operational employees and Unions leaders

Working on the precursors instead of the potential more severe events

The results…

Slide 7: The results…

Rate pf IFR-IFR Losses of Seperation per 100,000 Movements over 5 Year Moving Average Chart showing a decline

Slide 8: Thank you